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Richardson TX - Tech for Pets, PawTracker gives Pet Owners Peace of Mind - Dog and Cat GPS w/ Applic

DALLAS — (November 2016) — Using GPS, GSM and WPS, The Paw Tracker offers pet owners the peace of mind in real-time. This lightweight-tracking device is designed to pinpoint your pet’s location. Founder / CEO Daniel Bagwell is passionate about the brand he has built as well as its exponential growth in only the first 10 months of business. By recently launching this crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Daniel is closer to his goal of keeping up with the demand. “My project just before Paw Tracker was Digital Coin Retailer, where we had 2000 SKUs. I realized how difficult it was to optimize for that many products, which is why Paw Tracker was started with just one product.” Paw Tracker doesn’t want to sell just a product - “We want to create a lasting relationship with customers”, noted Daniel, “GPS technology has evolved to the point that every pet owner should be able to have access to it, and that’s part of our mission.”

About The Paw Tracker:

The Paw Tracker is a Dallas-based company founded in 2015 by long-time friends and fellow pet lovers, Daniel Bagwell and Scott Roberts. After 10 months of trying to get the device and mobile app approved for Kickstarter, Daniel is now more equipped to accomplish his mission of lowering the overpopulation of animal shelters and connecting pets with their owners instantly. Their massive growth has proven results. With over 42K monthly unique visitors to their website, The Paw Tracker continues to hire dedicated team members, plus update their devices to grow with this fast paced industry.

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